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HANLA IMS seeks to make a difference as a leading company with a challenging spriit.

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Personnel Management

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Personnel Management System

HANLA IMS operates a transparent and competent personnel management system based on reliability and A fair personnel rating system every year to progress to higher positions and promotion.

Job Titles

The job title system at HANLA IMS is used as a tool for achieving the professional competency for every team member.

Job Titles
Job titles at HANLA IMS (Low → High)
Management/Production Staff Assistant manager Manager Deputy general manager General manager
Research Researcher Associate researcher Senior researcher Researcher-In-charge Head researcher

Job Promotion System

HANLA IMS operates a job promotion system every year based on fairness, objectivity and competency principles.

  • Staff

    2 years

  • Assistant manager(eul)

    2 years

  • Assistant manager(gap)

    3 years

  • Manager(eul)

    2 years

  • Manager(gap)

    3 years

  • Deputy general manager(eul)

    2 years

  • Deputy general manager(gap)

    3 years

  • General manager(eul)

    3 years

  • General manager(gap)

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