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HANLA IMS seeks to make a difference as a leading company with a challenging spriit.

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Qualified Persons for HANLA

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Global Leader for Talented Employees

HANLA IMS is looking for qualified individuals who have differentiated knowledge specializing in specific fields along with an open mind and human touch, pride, challenging spirit and global mind set.

  • Sincerity

    "Sincerity" to remain true to basic rules in teamwork and job performance.

    • Individuals who adhere to basic rules in teamwork and daily tasks.
    • individuals who are reliable to keep promise with customers as a basic value.
  • Harmony

    "Harmony" to pursue progress through teamwork and the company's growth in harmony with others.

    • individuals who pursue cooperative performance based on solid relationships with others.
    • individuals who set a good example with sound values and ethics at all times.
  • Number One

    "Number One" to make knowledge and engineering quality the global standard.

    • individuals who raise his/her work quality to the global standard.
    • individuals who not satisfied with the current top level but make efforts at all times.

115, Hwajeonsandan 1(il)-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea tel +82-51-601-7000 Fax +82-51-831-1850 Mail hanla@hanlaims.com

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